Always on the go? You need a Volpower multi-function powerbank

Volpower multi-function power bank is a powerful charging bank that can cater to your different power needs. This power bank is suitable for multi-purpose use such as powering up a laptop, mobile phones, tablets, wifi router, and many devices. This power bank comes with different ports - one USB 1A port, one Quick Charge 3.0 (2A USB) port, one micro USB input port and a laptop jump start connection. Latest  P66 models supports Quick Charge 3.0 function for faster charging of your devices.

This power bank is very safe to use given that it has full FC CE ROHS certification and comes in various types - a rechargeable 15600mAh and 20400mah battery capacity and can charge all laptops in the market today. P66 models can charge almost all laptops in the market except the USB-C type laptops (you need to purchase P66C models instead) This is well suited for people who work remotely as they can charge their devices anytime and anywhere they go.

The big blue colored battery life LED indicator shows the remaining battery life in percentage. What we love best about this power bank is it can be a jump starter for your car (with gas and diesel engine not more than 3.0). You no longer need to bring jumper cables, no need to worry in jump starting your car incorrectly, and no need to sweat in the sun or get wet by the rain just by manually jump starting your car. Just sit down, relax, connect it to the lighter slot compartment and letting it stay connected for 10-15 minutes.