Say goodbye to wrist pain with our Gamech Ergonomic Rechargeable Wireless mouse

For people who frequently work on their workstation, wrist pain can be a huge problem. One of the best solution to avoid this is to use a mouse that supports your hand, thus placing it into a more neutral position. Today, we introduce the ergonomic mouse.

Gamech's ergonomic mouse design, is a spherical shape that is designed to offer solid palm support that lessen any extraneous wrist activity. It has a thumb rest to cushion your thumb into the left side of the mouse and teaches you to lift your wrist off of your mat or desk. This design guarantees hand support because it encourages the use of forearm muscles, rather than wrist tendons.

This mouse has left/right click buttons, a central smooth scroll wheel that can move in up and down directions. It also has a side buttons which gives users fast back and forward browser navigation. This wireless mouse is rechargeable and connects up to your workstation using an included 2.4GHz USB dongle.