Gamech 4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder Night Vision

You need a reliable dash cam that can protect you from car accident scams and able to provide high definition videos/pictures when you needed it the most. Our 4K dash cam is fairly easy to set up (make sure you read the directions) and has built-in WiFi so you can easily view the video's on your phone. 

It is easy to operate from your phone. When you place a memory card in your computer, it will show exactly your location on a google map, track your speed in either mph or kph meaning it can capture how fast you are accelerating or how hard you brake or turn. This camera does more than other cameras in the market 3 times the cost. 

WiFi app is nice. You can change settings, view live and view/download video clips. Suction cup is solid and easy to stick on the windshield. It is packed nicely. All you need is a micro-SD card so you can start recording. What is best with this high resolution camera is you can see clearly numbers and letters on every license plates even at night.

This is a new era dash cam because of its amazing video resolution and easy to share WiFi feature via smartphone. It is a very high quality dash cam with a cheap price but will give you a good quality feeling once purchased.