Business Partnerships



If you are confident enough to deliver high quality, trendy, and environment friendly products in the market then we are thrilled to welcome and invite you to be our SUPPLIER.

We currently have 30+ suppliers in which most of them have been with us from the very start. We prefer to engage in long term collaboration and trusting partnership in order to achieve excellence in product quality and sourcing.

We also aim for sustainability that is why we always focus in creating a win-win deal and agreement with our existing and potential suppliers.   



We continuously search for latest and sophisticated products in the market and always seek reliable sales partners that can see the potential sales growth in our products.

By partnering with us, you can exclusively access our reseller prices, avail our low start up purchase for starters, and for existing business owners, we can help you broaden your supply. You can also enjoy up to 40% discount if you purchase by bulk.  

We look forward to expand our partnership through individuals, agents, and business owners.